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Overnight 3 giant 3d spiders were spraypainted around swindons town centre and The Brunel Plaza, for Streetfest 2015 festival a few weeks back. It was a great idea to use streetart as an engaging way to attract a wider audience before the event occured. These anamorphic spiders were placed in perfect locations agreed with The Brunel Plaza for the public to enjoy. The idea was to keep these creepy crawlies as un-intimidating as possible not to freak people out with arachnophia! So with the help of Justin Smythe we made them look like they had been walking through paint for a more amusing reaction. His skills through 3d and 4d cinema meant we could project our designs into a realistic environment, before we actually painted them. So we had blueprints on the night to create these huge pieces fast! The idea seemed to work. With the help of social media plenty of people took great shots of them and shared them to other people. There ended up being a lot more visitors than previous years attending streetfest so we feel we achieved what we set out to do!


Here is a few behind the scenes shots of us at work in the early hours of the morning before the comuters start their days.








Photography by Justin Smythe

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